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Modern Interior Decoration Services


Our experts work with you like a trusted companion to meet your unique remodeling or construction needs in a perfect way. We always encourage people to have a design consultation to help us learn more about our products. Once the consultation is over, we provide the right color direction and focus on designing your space in a creative and innovative way.

When you choose us for modern interior decoration service, we blend productivity and comfort harmoniously to deliver the best outcome. According to our design concepts, the space needs to be dynamic and lively. There should be a positive ambiance and occupants need to experience stress-free energy. This theory applies to home as well as office.

Our professionals know how to create inspiring, appealing and inviting spaces irrespective of the size. Space & Design Interior Decoration offers customized solutions that surpass your design needs. We get the job done in a cost efficient and smart way.

As a highly renowned modern interior decoration service provider, we help you source the most suitable fabric and material with attractive colors and patterns. You can also expect a home or office with inspiring ambiance. We offer a perfect amalgamation of visual appeal, functionality, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency to add great value to your property.

We offer the following services

We are committed to offering a customized solution that meets your personal design style and make you feel relaxed and energetic.

  • In depth design consultations prior to the commencement of the project
  • Design Binder services
  • Quality layout plans for furniture
  • Sourcing and choosing furniture
  • Builder, contractor and architect collaborations
  • Selecting suitable finishes
  • Assistance on making a blueprint and timely review
  • Smart space planning and flooring
  • Customized bedding solutions and window treatment services
  • Best assistance and guidance for moving
  • Faux and paint finishes
  • Selecting accessories and artwork
  • Architectural and custom lighting design solutions


Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

We assist you in selecting and purchasing everything you need to complete your interior design project. Custom furnishings help create a home or business that reflects your unique style. Let our interior design firm shop, price, order, and expedite your purchases.

Delivery and Installation

Upon delivery to a receiving warehouse, your purchases will be inspected to make sure they are blemish free prior to being delivered to your home or business. We will then oversee the complete installation of all purchases.


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